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#Atrium 8 *** Atrium is UNMODERATED *** It is the front door. You're welcome to hang out, but we highy recommend joining other channels. Type /list for a list of channels in your "Status" window/tab. /join #channel to join.
#anthrochat 15 AnthroChat's official help channel | Most questions and their answers are on the main page of our web site ( ). For all others, just ask, either here or via PM to an op. Responses may take a while.
#hackerfurs 76 now accepting clients and servers in the hackerfurs tahoe-lafs grid. ¦ for the unofficial official HF numbers station ¦ for best results, decode as UTF-EBCDIC
#basement 50 #basement (18+), a fun place to hang out and do whatever. Stick around! :3 - Channel rules & info: READ OR BE DESTROYED
#lounge 46 #lounge: Relax, kick back, and enjoy the nice lounge room || Free massages of any kind, just make sure the other doesn't mind~ || Take extended RP to #RP || In case of silence: tug on a tail || Rules:
#realfreedom 43 Welcome to the REAL #realfreedom! - #realwatersports for those who like pee • Rules: • Stats: • We do Telegram now! - • Today is May 29 2017 • Happy International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers!
#novaforest 39 Minimally moderated chat/roleplay (not necessarily sex) channel | | #Toasterland for a more dedicated RP environment
#freedom 33 Welcome to the REAL #Freedom! | To contact staff if they're not around, use memoserv | Channel description and rules: | Find us on other places, including Google+, Facebook, Telegram, and Discord
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28 Welcome to FCS! // Chan rating is Squirreldog-PG. #Fluff and #Hell are for NSFW. #Gaming_Coding_Murring and #Affection are related chans. Rules: | Report trolls and spammers to the mods so that we can remove them. Pm mod to receive +v
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28 Welcome to the naughty side of #FurryCoffeeshop || This is an 18+ channel, your safe word(s) are "doot doot" || Doot doot daily for stronger bones and boners
#linuxfurs 28 We welcome any users and fans of *nix operating systems! New? Just ask if you need any help! | Any technology sufficiently advanced is indistinguishable from magic. Likewise, any technology which /IS/ distinguishable from magic, is obviously not sufficiently advanced. |
#gayfurs 25 Totes for straight people | Label all NSFW links as such | Register your nick to talk | Enjoy your ban.
#furry 24 Welcome to #furry || see also :: - DISCORD
#theden 24 ,,,^..^,,,
#purrfection 22 Purrfection Cafe -¦- 18+ Channel Rules: Feedback: -¦- Home of naked maid bois, girls, herms, spilled cream and many things frilly and naked. -¦- Topic: Now on Discord:
#sluts 22 #sluts Welcome to the only diner where bearded clams are always on the menu! Wubalubadubdub! READ THIS: . This is a safe haven for chat and (E)RP with minimal moderation. "<Ross> i bet flat earthers play way too much minecraft" Errybudy here is 18+ *cough cough*
#fursuit 21 Welcome to Fursuit:
#eurofurs 19 Welcome to Eurofurs! We welcome anyone from Europe and those who are just interested Please ask a moderator for voice if you need it.
#DobersLodge 18 Welcome to the Lodge! +m enabled due to spammers (PM a mod for voice) Please check out the channel desciption and rules here: | News: We're now accepting Apple Pay and Android Pay NFC payment!
#zoo 16 "Dog Cocks On Demand" - Sounds like a good service idea... o.O...
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15 Welcome to #Affection! +m mode enabled due to spammers (PM a mod for Voice) We have couches, but be prepared to be glomped, hugged, nuzzled, cuddled and snuggled lots! Keep the chat clean - take naughty stuff to a PM, #fluff, or another channel..
#206 13 #206: LATA 674 ¦ aliased also to #253, #360, #425 ¦ What is "STTLWADUCG0", you ask? That's a CLLI question!
#vore 12 Eat everything!
#yeah 12 yeah
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11 Floridafurs.
#nonanthro 11 "He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man"- Dr. Johnson
#Dergs 10 A room for small dergs, big drakes, cuddly dwaggies and tough dragons (and all of you who like them)! ||
#RadioFurs 9 Fur hams, radio enthusiasts and listeners, catch us on 45m! 6670khz LSB
#fchan 9 You need to be 18 to enter. Please keep general topics mature in nature. | No yiffing. At all in the main channel. | This is not an RP channel. | You will be banned if you are stupid. Twice. | Do not ask for porn here. | Do not ask to ask. | You can use /list to see other channels on this network.
#free 8 Feel #free! Be the one you are, not what someone else wants you to be. Any age welcome! Remember to be #Free!
#FFF 7 Furries are a delicate thing.
#Feline 7 Bow before the mighty Felines! Praise us! Or even join our ranks ruling over the non kittys ~ Put forth by your benevolent Leader Cat Vanilla!
#RP 7 NSFW, 18+/21+ depending on your state. || From exploration to naughty stuff ^^ || Massages with happy ending allowed ;) || Dom/Top ask for +v, sub/bottom ask for the D ;3 || Keep channel play safe and sane~ || Feel free to check #lounge, it's chat-oriented.
#^-^ 7 LRALLSLLIRELARMDpASNfMARRFfMMEESSxhh 7 General Chat - BabyFur.ME - Cub Social Network - @babyfur on twitter to report abuse (RP chat in - How to register your nick: type /ns register and follow prompts.
#bondage 7 18+ only | For all those furs with a kinky side. Just remember, have fun, and don't be a (metaphorical) asshole! Leaving after not getting an immediate response is pretty pointless
#realwatersports 7 Because it's better to be pissed on than pissed off
#water_sports 7 a room for swimmers, surfers, and freedivers. Totally.
#watersports 7 The original #Watersports channel! use FA? Come visit us!
#wolves 7 For wolves and wolf lovers! ^^ everyone is welcome :: Also #freedom #freefurall
#ChainedTails 6 For everybody. A great place for general-friendly chat, & kink roleplay or discussion. New persons are always welcome! We have couches, cookies, hugs, and cuffs! skunks are never sfw! kjth likes butts..poke the chat.
#bfd 6
#gaming_coding_murring 6 G.C.M. /// A Channel for Gamers, Coders, or Gaming Coders! /// Programming with MS Paint /// On this day in 1947, John Bardeen and Walter Brattain demonstrated their new discovery, the transistor, at Bell Labs.
#messplay 6 FreeFull is the local public toilet. :3 || Bronies will be shot (kick/banned) on sight! || Link of the Now: ->
#shopwreckers 6 NEXT SHOP: Tuesday, May 30th at 9-ish PM Eastern at | TELEGRAM: | Get Bucktown's CDs & apparel at | Latest music video: "I Won't Give Up"
#water-sports 6 Jessicat, WaterFox, Kamo, and anyone else willing are public urinals :D
#LionKing 5 Welcome to The Lion King ***TLKiaWoL*** RP, General Friendly Chat, and So much more!. Slimy Yet Satisfying ...
#PawPet 5 PawPet |
#SharksCove 5 Welcome to the Shark's Cove! Fish and furs are all welcome! Sharks eat free~ ¦ #sharkswag #jawsome | "God ducking famine" - Tijah | | Baa | GOD EMPRESS DOUBT HAS LEFT AGAIN. #FAKENEWS. | jk wolves still rule
#SkeithsClub 5 Welcome to the club. You belong to Skeith now. probably. If not, oh well.
#baycafe 5 .::. San Francisco Bay Fur Chat .::. See our other channel on Furnet #bayareafurs .::. Welcome, new furs! .::. Telegram Chat:
#inflation 5 Welcome to #inflation! Growing by huffs and puffs. Fattening, gas/air, liquid and muscle inflation and the furs who enjoy it are welcome! Adult channel, enter at own risk!| Pop if you got 'm ^^
#loft 5 A cozy warm loft for beautiful fluffs || You are all (pretty birdies)
#pixelated 5 Today's soundtrack /// Artist: Gorillaz- Album: Single - Song: Doncamatic
#suicidalfurs 5 Welcome to #suicidalfurs, A kind place for furs that are suicidal to get help from their depression, Rules = Be Nice and NO TROLLS | People with + @ & or ~ Are good people to talk to | If emergency call 911 or the suicide hotline 1-800-273-8255
#techfurs 5 This topic intentionally left blank.
# 4 Welcome to the Pound - The Sacred Island on IRC (^_^;;
#Electronics-Furs 4
#Toasterland 4 (Clean RP channel) A beautiful expansive forest in the kingdom of Toasterland with a small nearby town and lake, as well as Princess Nova's castle |
#diaperfurs 4 SYSTEMBOLAGET!!
#dwaggies 4 Entropy isn't what it used to be... Now accepting new members! Under the same old management ~_^ Come hang with us! (☝゚∀゚)☝ Come worship the Dragon! All dragons, dragon-lovers, dragon-enjoyers, and sycophants welcome.
#freedom-op 4 #freedom op discussion room. Please op up in #freedom before coming.
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4 A channel with 0 moderation! For anyfur who wants no rules! We ony ask that you do not spam and just enjoy the channel and do whatever you like! (likely to be NSFW) "save yo drama fo yo llama!!" :: Logs? Type nb.logs | Why not check out #Freedom
#furplay 4 The boys are back in town! We're planing major games on saturdays. Also, as always Maliki is trying to fill the time he has with his own game Crossroads. If you're intrested; inquire with in. Channel Site: Register with Nickserv 4 We've updated! | Missing email from us? Check your junk mail or spam folder! | "Have you been pounced yet?" | Please keep the chat to a PG-13 Level | for all issues
#saladtongs 4 here be dragons. Hear us Roar, Sing, Meep, squeek, and dazzle you with our wisdom and appearance..
#spandexfurs 4 Git Slinky. <3
#ITFurs 3
#birds 3 Chat is for Birds by Birds and Bird Lovers
#bois-br 3 #Bois Backroom || In knots we trust.
#boognish 3
#brofurs 3 back to irc! im calling this telegram experiment over.
#furryhams 3 Furry amateur radio operators | | #furryhams on furnet is bigger ;)
#fursuittv 3
#music 3 MUSIC IS GREAT | Track of the Day: Zebbler Encanti Experience - Follow the Bubbles (glitchhop/psychedelic/psytrap)
#musk 3 Welcome to #musk, the sweatiest, smelliest channel on Anthrochat. If you love sniffing armpits, assholes, crotches, or having yours sniffed, this is the channel for you :3
#plushieyiff 3 A place for furs who like to yiff plushies | | How to mod a plush :3
#serenityhollows 3 It's serene . . . almost _too_ serene . . .
#serosbasket 3 First rule of catclub: Don't talk about catclub.
#sissyfurs 3 The official channel of the color pink and all things frilly. Skewing the fandom's gender ratio since 2003! | Spluh.
#wolfeden 3 Naked Mondays. Skimpy Tuesdays. Get Humped Wednesdays. Only Undies Thursdays. Cock and Clam Out Fridays and Freestyle' weekends. Topic suggestions welcome! Happy New Year!
#yiffcabin 3 Welcome to #yiffcabin ! YiffCabin Video chat! [Go on, yiff if you want.]
#& 2 in which Ellenor and Solo try semi-futilely to make a fuck toy out of MilesTraysandor[75ft]
#Anarchy 2
#DirtyAnimals 2 Dirty Aminals
#Drako_Den 2 (18+ Only) Come on in, relax, or join in on the RP fun. (Open chat, kink and babyfur friendly) Drako's Den: - User Descriptions:
#ErinsDen 2 Squeaky squeaks | No gods no masters, except for my alpha <3 | = THIS CHANNEL IS INACTIVE. Please use channels on entropynet =
#Evergreen_Forest 2
#Lions 2
#NagaPlayground 2 A wild and malleable environment, currently consisting of a jungle garden with a pond and obstacle course, and a cave system with many areas for cuddling, exploring, and relaxing.
#Ravinia 2 Ravinia's cave home. Channel Site:
#Refuge 2 // Private Channel, if somehow you got to be here, please leave // Nicole is the prettiest and most cool person ever! I wuvs u!
#SFurs 2
#Shamrocks-OOC 2
#Shamrocks-Pub 2
#anotherplace 2
#bacon 2 "Bacon gallery now open" | Hail our bacon overlord: RoughTCollie | |” | Join us on Telegram @
#bareback 2
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2 [PG/PG-13+! ^.\] Welcome to #barkade! We have a juice bar and all your favorite arcade machines. Spirits are available for those with proper ID. See for rules and RP logs. RP is mostly done over in #barkadeRP but light RP is always welcome here! Enjoy yourself! ^.\
#casual 2 As in casual sex. A place for people who love others and like to show it.
#chat 2 1.....2.....3....CHAT!!!
#collars 2 For sharing pics of and talking about people wearing collars. People of all orientations welcome; this isn't a kink channel per se (though the subject is most commonly used in kink situations). Ellenor in a picture:
#foxbox 2
#foxie 2 Welcome to The Fox Pile, a place for foxies to relax, chill and snuggle 'n stuff | Foxes and fox hybrids welcome. Invite your fox friends and fox fans. Please stick around and idle if no response, likely everyone is afk.
#furrycorner 2 Welcome to #furrycorner! (18+) | 2017 better be a good fucking year, financially speaking.
#hell 2 #Hell, the hottest place in Earth! Now comes with free eternity! And searing flesh. And even s'mores! And plus, no virus and spam links allowed. I like SATAN! >:D.<Ryuu> We offer great lakefront views! That is..if you like boiling acid :3
#katana 2
#newenglandfurs 2 Welcome to #NewEnglandFurs! Op was finnally grabbed from the idlers, and the channel has been registered. So chat can begin!
#nightfur 2
#novaforest_drama 2
(only server operators may join)
#otters 2 A fun place for otters and their fans to romp around. Come on in, the water's warm! ( - It's even doing the :3 face!)
#postfurry 2
#sin 2 Seven deadly sins. Seven days of the week. Coincidence? -- Stats at
#truthordare 2
## 1
#12fold 1
#360 1
#425 1
#564 1
#Anythinggoes 1
#AtDusty's 1
#FlexibleSurvival 1
#FurriesXtreme 1 18+ only
#Furry-Darknet 1 Welcome To Furry-Darknet Home of Outguard. Talk Geek to us, we like that.
#Furry_Cinema 1
#GayFurryDads 1
#Ingress 1
#Leo'sDen 1
#MoonLite 1
#Niya 1 Niya wolf etc
#Prepper-Furs 1
#Skunks 1
#Therianthropy 1
#UtahNerds 1 BSD, Linux, Mac, or Windows: which is your favorite and why?
#VRfurs 1
#XLair 1
#Yiffy 1 Yiffy.NET - Stick around. The chat won't ever get popular if every fur comes & immediately leaves if no one talks!
#actysand 1
#affectionate_furs 1
#anthropets 1
#barkade-test 1
#barkadeRP 1
#bitbot 1
#breedingroom 1
#burds 1
#carolinafurs 1
#castle 1 [20:33:00] <FastEddie> bambi you're perfect
#censorship 1
#corner 1
#ctf 1
#dc-metro 1
#doggehs 1 A hangout for dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds.
#ethics 1
#fatfurs 1
#footpaws 1
#france 1
#friends 1 Under new management.
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1 #hackerfurs b*o*t trap: if you came here looking for #hackerfurs, bug an operator to drop the limit; part here, rejoin there.
#furrymusic 1
#fursuityiff 1
#gameroom 1
#happyplace 1 #HappyPlace /// A place to just chill. /// Go to your happy place. /// I wants cuddles :c
#herms 1 Welcome to #herms, a channel for herms, trans, and gender neutral people and for generally awesome people. || Wheaton's Law is in effect || <+Griffi> Ryn's Gender is like Schrödinger's Cat || Here  be  aesthetics
#hpn 1
#kawaii 1
#kcfurs 1
#lobby 1
#makerfurs 1
#motorfurs 1 For Furs who love all things motor, be it 2 wheel or 4, fast or slow, 2 stroke or W16. This is your place to hang out with dirt under your claws!
#murr 1 Welcome to #Murr where you are free to yiff and do whatever, But please do not spam ^-^
#novafurest 1
#ohpawpets 1
#oim8 1 CANT STUMP THE TRUMP! Welcome to oim8, we're here to worship pepe, talk shit and crack jokes. No rulz just lulz. (But I swear to god if you post CP, anything illegal or Dat Boi I will ban your ass.) plz watch Offended? Click here:
#otherkin 1
#papets 1
#pawfriends 1
#pinkfoxden 1
#postfurryrp 1
#pridelands 1
#pubfluff 1
#punishment 1
#rainfurrest 1 Please go to #rainfurrest on FurNet
#relax 1
#retsnoma's 1 It's been two years sense the plague wiped out most of humanity .9 percent lived. furs and humans are in somewhat equal measure now. About equal actually. As for where you're standing? This is just a small town inn... stranger. Welcome, Have a seat, try the house beer. Who cares? Everyone else is dead.
#sliceofhome 1
#socks 1 Socks!
#softpaws 1
#somewheredirty... 1 Growing old is mandatory; growing up, optional! Sex is dirty, filthy, and sinful, but only if you're doing it right! - Come on in and enjoy the sex that gives unrealistic expectations of what sex should be! (Safeword: Scalia) Pedophiles really are fucking immature assholes...
#ssbb_furs 1
#swampcabin 1
#swedenfurs 1
#testfooss 1
#the-nutshack 1
#thecommandcenter 1
#theholebar 1
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1 test
#totalfreedom 1 Wetter than #freedom. No rules. And run only by foxes! || We don't kick for IRC channel ads! || And we don't kick for breaking the law :p
#uncut 1
#unsheathme 1
#utahfurs 1 PG Here - #rUFF For Mature | Forums: | Facebook group: | Now on Telegram:
#wolfelodge 1
#wolferajdlobby 1 Lobby channel for Wolferajd website. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy applies here.
#wvfurs 1 A place for furs that live in West Virginia. |
#yiff 1 Generally Yiffy. 1
#zafur 1
#♭ 1
#♮ 1
#♯ 1